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To add your free business listing on The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Directory simply click on "Add A New Entry" from the "Advertise" menu on the left side of this page.  You will be shown an online form which you need to complete.

Paid For Options

While your basic business listing is completely free of charge there are several Paid For options which enhance your business listing making it more prominent and accessible for potential A var chart showing increased profit over time.customers.  The annual charge for each option is shown alongside.

Please note that the price shown is for including this option for twelve months from the date you pay for it.  

The prices shown includes VAT.

At the end of twelve months you will be automatically be sent a renewal invoice via Paypal.  If you choose not to renew your paid for options then your business listing will revert to a standard listing without the paid for options.

We strongly recommend that you add the paid for options as this will make your business listing considerably more attractive to potential customers for a small annual charge.

Filling In The Form

Please note that all the required fields are marked in blue.  You will not be able to add your business listing unless all the required fields are completed.

Business Category

Under "Business Category click on "Wheelie Bin Cleaning Companies"  This is currently the only option available however we may in future add others such as "Wheelie Bin Cleaning Equipment Suppliers".


If you wish you can upload a logo to be displayed alongside your business listing.  Please do not upload any logo or picture unless you own the copyright to it or permission to reproduce it online.

Business Address

Complete the business name and address as you wish it to be displayed in the wheelie bin cleaning directory.  Your business will be displayed on the search map that customers use to search for wheelie bin cleaning companies and is based on this address.

Business Phone Numbers

These are the telephone numbers that potential customers will see under your business listing.

You should list your main land-line telephone number including STD code under the Telephone field.  The Fax Number and Mobile Number fields are optional.

Email, Website & Social Media Addresses

These are all optional and paid for.  Obviously the more information you provide to a customer the more likely that they are to contact you.  We therefore strongly recommend that you pay for some or all of these fields as it will enhance your business listing considerably.

Days of Business

Please show the days that your wheelie bin cleaning business can be contacted on.

Company Overview

This is an optional paid for field which allows you to write a detailed company overview including  photographs and rich text using a WYSIWYG text editor.

Contact Details

This section is to provide us with the contact details of the person we need to speak to if there are any issues regarding your business listing.  None of the contact details are ever published on the Wheelie Bin Cleaning Directory. We never pass on your contact details to third parties unless you agree to us doing so (See "Keep Me Informed" below).

Contact Details - Social Networks

These are optional but help us to gain a better understanding of out customers.  It helps us to understand  your business and fulfill your needs better.

Keep Me Informed

This section allows you to let us know whether you wish to hear about ways we can help enhance your business in the future as well as whether we may pass on your contact details to carefully selected business partners who may wish to offer you goods or services that may be of benefit to your wheelie bin cleaning business.

Terms & Conditions

You must agree to out Terms & Conditions of Business as displayed on this website before we can add your business listing.

Our Location

Your location is calculated by the website based on your business address as entered on this form, specifically Address Line 1, Address Line 2 and Postcode.  Sometimes the results are slightly inaccurate but you can drag the red balloon indicating your company's position on the map to the exact location. Customer searching for wheelie bin cleaning companies in their area use your map location to see which companies are based near to them.  If you operate a wheelie bin cleaning business over an extended location it should be mentioned under company overview so that potential customers are aware of the areas your service covers.

How To Pay For Paid Options

After completing the form you will be directed to our Paypal payment page where you can complete the transaction using a Paypal account or Debit or Credit card.  After payment has been received we will email you a VAT receipt in PDF format against your payment if you require one.