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Purple and green wheelie bins.  The purple wheelie bin is full of rubbish.

The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Directory provides you with accurate information about wheelie bin cleaning businesses operating in your local area. We list both residential and commercial wheelie bin cleaning companies who operate on a mobile basis.

All wheelie bin cleaning companies listed in our directory operate from customised wheelie bin cleaning vehicles that are designed to protect the environment by recycling water within the vehicle and adhering to proper waste management procedures with regard to residual waste material captured during the wheelie bin cleaning process.

Customers are able to leave written reviews of wheelie bin cleaning companies.  In this way you can ensure that you choose a reliable wheelie bin cleaning service based on the experience of other people.

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Benefits of Regular Wheelie Bin Cleaning 

Regular cleaning of your wheelie bin is essential to avoid a whole multitude of problems related to poor hygiene and inadequate waste A common House practices within the domestic environment.  One of the downsides of wheelie bins is that people tend to empty household waste into them directly without using traditional bin bags or liners. The problem with this is that the bins become contaminated with food waste which in turn attracts flies, vermin and can lead to offensive odors and maggots developing within the bin.  The problem is made worse by the fact that the size of the typical family wheelie bin makes it difficult for the resident to keep the wheelie bin clean themselves.  

Wheelie bin cleaning companies solve the problem by providing a doorstep wheelie bin cleaning service usually operated using a self contained wheelie bin washing machine located in the rear of a transit van sized vehicle. these companies typically charge around £5 per wheelie bin washed.

Extended Bin Collection Cycles

Local authorities trying to save money on their waste management operations are typically now collecting household waste only every two weeks with some planning to extend this to possibly once every three weeks.  During the summer months when the weather is warmer and more flies are about this makes it even more important to keep your bins in a sanitary condition. 

How Often Should I Have My Wheelie Bins Cleaned

Landfill wheelie bins probably need to be cleaned each month, whereas recycling bins containing pre-washed items may only need cleaning every three to six months

Save Time & Effort Cleaning Wheelie Bins

A man cleaning his own wheelie bin.Mobile wheelie bin cleaners use automatic bin washing equipment typically contained within a small van.  The wheelie bin is simply raised into the wheelie bin cleaning machine by an automatic lifter which enables brushes to clan the bin properly.  Once the process is complete the bin is lowered to the kerbside and the machine is ready for the next wheelie bin to be cleaned.

The whole process typically takes only a few minutes.  If your wheelie bins are stored at the front of your house then the wheelie bin cleaning operative will normally be able to pick up your bins, clean them and return them without any intervention by you.  This is ideal if you work during the week, to be honest you could clean your own wheelie bins but who wants to spend weekends with their head stuck in a wheelie bin getting soaked by the blow-back caused by a pressure washer or hosepipe?

When Is Your Wheelie Bin Ever Empty?

Something to consider is that in order to clean your wheelie bins then they will need to be empty. Many councils and local authorities now only provide wheelie binA full wheelie bin with rubbish overflowing.
collection services every two weeks.  This means that you are going to have a small window every two weeks when you are able to clean your wheelie bin yourself without having to empty rubbish, refuse and food waste all over your driveway or back garden. This is a particularly unpleasant prospect if you are not using wheelie bin liners or at least bagging up household waste in black refuse sacks before putting it in your wheelie bin.

A mobile wheelie bin cleaning service overcomes this problem because  the wheelie bin cleaning company is aware of the routes and times of refuse collection within your local area.  Mobile wheelie bin cleaners basically work by following along the route of the council refuse collection vehicles cleaning wheelie bins which have just been emptied. 

Using a mobile wheelie bin cleaning service makes life so much easier and if you are worried about having to leave your wheelie bins in the front of your house in full view we can recommend using one of the many wheelie bin screens or wheelie bin covers that are available on our sister site Wheelie Bins Online.  There are wheelie bin storage devices that can house one two or even three wheelie bins in a wooden structure that helps keep animals and vermin away from your wheelie bins and also preserves the tidiness of your front garden or driveway.  A less expensive approach is to use slip on wheelie bin covers.  An alternative is to leave your wheelie bins uncovered but cover them with attractive wheelie bin stickers.  Some wheelie bin stickers are full height a depict a hedge or other vegetation making your wheelie bins look less obtrusive.  

Use A Reputable Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service

An old fashioned British policeman wearing a helmet. You should only ever use a reputable wheelie bin cleaning company such as the ones listed in the Wheelie Bin Cleaning Directory.

Wheelie bin cleaners are regulated by government legislation in the UK which in turn is enforced by local authority trading standards departments.  It is illegal for example for wheelie bin cleaners to discharge contaminated waste water into the environment.  This is the reason that professional wheelie bin cleaners use specialised vehicles.  

"Odd Job" men or window cleaners who clean wheelie bins without the correct equipment are breaking the law.  You are entitled to clean wheelie bins yourself if they belong to you and you do so on your own property however anyone who charges for cleaning wheelie bins must comply with the relevant regulations.  Don't forget though that during periods of drought the use of hosepipes and pressure washers for cleaning wheelie bins may be restricted by council enforced hosepipe bans.  Professional wheelie bin cleaners will not be subject to such restrictions because like automatic car washes they filter and reuse the water involved in the wheelie bin cleaning process. 

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